Registration .CO huge success

Opened to pre-registered brands and companies since the beginning of April, and then to individuals since mid-July, .CO is so successful that some Internet websites do not hesitate to speak of a “huge commercial hit” as they mention its launching. Indeed, if 250 000 domains names have been registered when the Columbian extension opened, just few days later over 395 000 domains are registered! Among the interested ones, North America is on the first row followed by Europe, South America, Asia, and soon, Africa. Wouldn’t the .CO be about to get a winner place among the most popular extensions?

It is obvious that .CO has many great advantages, starting with its typographic similarities with .COM. How would it be possible not to catch the attention and interest of companies and Internet users with just one letter difference with one of the most used and known extension in the world? Especially when it’s about having one letter less!! In a time when “quick” and “easy” became keywords, above all in the new technologies’ field, .CO could soon come in the giant .COM’s light…

The competition gets even more serious when one is aware of how difficult it becomes for the .COM to face registration requests ( with nearly one domain name in two registered under this extension)!

As a matter of fact, it is also important to take into consideration the presence of the suffix .CO in many national extensions such as .CO.AT (national Austrian extension) for example, or .CO.UK, the 3rd most popular extension in the UK with 8 millions domain names registered. In the collective unconscious, the fact that the combination “.CO” is so much spread over the Internet gives a lot of credibility and popularity to the Columbian extension.

One of the other biggest advantages of .CO is its ambiguity. It can refer to the word “Corporate”, as well as “Company”, “Copyright”, Collaboration etc., extremely important and recurrent terms for the international business world.

Twitter, one of the most famous social network right now with Facebook, has immediately understood the necessity of a .CO : the network just registered a T.CO as shortcut for its usual address (cf. A huge commercial for the Columbian Registry…

To sum it up: it seems like the Columbian extension would be the perfect alternative for companies, brands or individuals in demand of an extension they can trust, which is worldwide famous and acknowledged, and on its way to a leader position on the market of extensions…

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Posted on 10/08/2010