New extensions : the technical glitch

Originally, the application phase for the new gTLDs was supposed to close on April 12. After some "episodes", the deadline had been delayed until April 17.... But last night, ICANN published a new press release claiming that there would be a longer delay...

Indeed, on April 12 as ICANN was about to close the application phase and start to study them, an unexpected event happened : the corporation for assigned names and numbers realizes that the TAS software (the online Application System software ) has a serious technical issue, an issue that puts directly in danger the confidentiality of user´s data. In fact, this problem allowed a limited number of users to view some other users' names and the extensions they had applied for.

If ICANN has immediately fixed this technical issue and shut down the application system, but the organization also decided to extend the deadline of its test and verification phase, in order to make sure that another problem of this kind would not happen again.

ICANN wanted to reopen the application phase today, but it is no surprise that ICANN published a new press release this night saying that there would be some more delay. However, ICANN promises this time to keep us updated and to give more information about the new calendar within the end of the week

This may be a great news for latecomers, who now have more time to prepare their application form, but one should not forget that the Big Reveal Day - currently scheduled for April 30 or May 1st- will probably be delayed as well.

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Posted on 18/04/2012