At least 2.091 applications for new gTLD's

ICANN has lifted a corner of the veil on the number of applications for new generic Top Level Domains that has been received. And it's an impressive number. At the moment the TLD Application System has been taken offline because of the bug in the system, on April 12, 2.091 applications had been received. Another 214 applications have been submitted, but were not paid yet.

These numbers give us a rough idea of the further planning. The applications will be taken in consideration in batches of 500, and each evaluation period would take approximately 5 months. Depending on whether the 214 registrations will be paid or not, there will be 4 or 5 batches of applications. After the first evaluation period there will be another period of 11 months for the final Extended Evaluations and possible disputes. Which means that it may last until June 2015 before the first gTLD's have been fully processed.

It remains to be seen how many of these applications are duplicates, and how many applications finally will be approved by ICANN. And as the organization has declared that it intends to admit only 2-300 new gTLD's per year, the whole procedure will take quite a while.

In any case, this round has a clear winner: ICANN has received approximately $350 million in fees for these applications...

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Posted on 07/05/2012