Domain name .SO : the Somali extension is finally free !

Even though the extension has been created 13 years ago, not a single domain name has been registered since then. However, after she was entrusted to the American provider Monolith Innovation in 1997 because of the difficult political situation of the country, one would have expected a better future for the somalian extension. It just did not happen this way. Because they couldn’t have any financial support, the American company had to give up its ambitions… which has led, under other reasons, to its own dissolution.

Somalia had to wait year 2009 to take .SO back on his own. It became possible after long talks between the ICANN, the Somalian government, and the Ministry of posts and Telecommunications of the country. And from now on, this is the Japanese company GMO registry who is in charge of the extension.

The registry announced that it would be now possible to register domain names under .SO. What is already fixed:

- The “sunrise” phase. It will start on October 20th, and will be dedicated to holders of registered brands. The registry stipulates that in case of identical domain names applied, applicants will have to solve that through auctions. Nobody knows yet when this “Sunrise” time will end.

- A « Landrush » time, without any given dates for now.

- An opening to all on March, 1st 2011.

No local presence should be compulsory to register a .SO domain name.

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Posted on 18/08/2010