HO.TEL and 123456789.TEL become possible!

Telnic, the Registry of .TEL announced on January 28, 2011 that the registration of both short (such as and numeric-only (like for example) .TEL domain names would soon be possible. This announcement followed the ICANN board meeting conducted last January, where the ICANN gave his green light to the Registry.

Khashayar Mahdavi CEO of Telnic felt the need to express his gratitude: “I would like to thank the ICANN Board and Staff for considering our recent applications and enabling more choice for businesses and individuals when seeking to register their .tel domains. In the near future, organizations with numeric-only trademarks or with two-letter brands will be able to register their .tel names and individuals will be able to get unique or lucky numbers as a fun online identifier.”

For now, no information/details about the registrations of short and numeric-only .TEL domain names have been given. However, we know that it won’t be possible to register:
- one-character ASCII (such as
- single-digit (such as
- names that may be confused with country code top level domains extensions (such as .UK or .CO)

For more information concerning the registration of .TEL domain names, feel free to contact us at

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Posted on 02/02/2011