Important notice for Iphone users

We've recently had an important e-mail migration to our new platform. This migration will bring a considerable improvement in terms of stability and security.

Iphone users that connect with our e-mail services might have to change a setting. The parameter that might require change is the "authentication" parameter. When you receive an error that the authentication type is not support, you have to change the authentication type to "password".

Please follow the following steps:
• Go to the settings panel in your Iphone
• Choose the option E-mail, contacts & calendars
• Select the account
• Go to advanced settings
• Change the authentication to "password"
• Go back you the general account settings page for this account en select "done" to confirm these settings

After confirming these settings, you'll be able to seamlessly connect to our new e-mail platform. On this platform you'll immediately have a mailbox of 250 MB in stead of the 25 MB or 50 MB you used to have.

Thanks for your trust in Check now if your domain name is still available.
Posted on 30/03/2012