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More than 850 different extensions available for registration.

Free extra services with the registration of your domain name

Registering a domain name with free extra services

E-mail addresses included

Create as many e-mail addresses as you need with your domain name. You can have e-mails redirected to your current e-mail address for free.

URL redirection service

Automatically redirect people who enter your domain name to another URL, such as your Facebook page.

Fast support

Please contact us via telephone or e-mail if you have any questions about your domain name. We will be happy to assist you.

Unlimited subdomains

Create as many subdomains as you need. A subdomain is e.g. or

Domain Manager

User-friendly online tool that enables you to easily manage your domain names.

Immediate activation

We register your domain name as soon as your payment has been processed, so that no one can get hold of your domain name.

Tips to find the perfect domain name
Registering a good domain name is easy

  • Keep it short
    Long names are more difficult to remember.

  • Say it out loud
    Make sure it is easy to pronounce.

  • Buy alternative spellings
    Examples: and

+850 new domain name extensions available


Renowned brands trust our services

Brussels Airlines
Omega Pharma
Brussels Airlines

What happens when the registration of my domain name expires?

When the registration of your domain name expires, you can either renew it or let it expire.

  • If you decide to let your domain name expire, no additional costs will be incurred. But your domain will become available for others to register.
  • If you decide to renew your domain name, you will have to pay the regular price and will remain the owner of your domain name for the next year

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