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Why transfer your domain name to Register?

Register specialises in the registration of domain names. We can also protect your brand name from domain hijackers, if desired.
Transfer your domain name to Register and enjoy the many extra services:

E-mail addresses included

Transfer your domain name to Register. With us, you can create as many e-mail addresses as you want.

URL forwarding service

Forward the people who enter your domain name to the address of e.g. your Facebook page or any existing website.

Unlimited number of subdomains

An example of a subdomain is or With Register, you can create as many subdomains as you want, free of charge.

Immediate transfer

Keep the transfer code at hand during the ordering process so we can immediately take care of the transfer for you.

User-friendly control panel

Manage all your settings yourself: DNS, MX and A records, WHOIS data… All settings are conveniently stored in one place.

Register specialises in new domain names!

You can also contact Register for new domain extensions.

In addition to the traditional country code extensions such as .be, .nl, .fr and the generic domain extensions such as .com, .biz, .net, .org, etc., there are now more than 800 new extensions available! Give your domain name more character with a regional extension (.vlaanderen, .brussels, .paris, .amsterdam, .ny...), a fun extension (.guru, .fun, .rocks) or a profession (.law, .immo, .architect...).

Check out all the domain extensions

Tip: Choose a central location for all your domains

Do you have several domain names with different registrars? Transfer them all to Register so that you can manage these centrally via our handy control panel. You do not have to pay us any additional costs for the transfer of your domains. This also allows you to have a clear overview of your entire portfolio.

Transferring your domain in no time, this is how it is done !

You can transfer your domain name at any time. After all, the domain is linked to a person or organisation (the domain owner) and not to the company where the domain name was registered (the registrar). You do not have to wait until the expiry date. And with Register, you do not need to pay any additional costs for the transfer of your domain name!

1Preparation of the transfer

First of all, you must ask the current registrar (that is the company where the domain name is currently registered) to make the domain available for transfer. This registrar will give you a transfer code.

Are you transferring a domain name that belongs to another person and for which you have concluded an agreement for its transfer? Ask the current owner to request a transfer code from his current registrar.

2Enter your domain name at the top of this page

You will receive a notification that the domain name is already taken.

  • Click on Transfer.
  • Enter the transfer code.

Do you not have a transfer code? No problem – you can add the transfer code afterwards.

3Confirm your order

You will receive an e-mail with the request to approve the transfer. Once you have confirmed the mail, we will take care of the rest.

Tip: Are your registration details correct?

Please remember to carefully check whether your details are correct when you transfer your domain name. Because changing details afterwards will be considered as a new registration – with the associated costs.
It is in fact the case that your WHOIS data are no longer automatically transferred from the WHOIS database, because of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). With a company, for instance, the name and address are shown, but not the e-mail address. And with a private person, all data are often hidden. When transferring your domain name, Register will therefore use the data it has about you as a Register customer. So, if necessary, complete or rectify these data.

Frequently asked questions about transferring a domain name

Yes it is! You can transfer your domain name to Register and just leave the linked website with your current web hosting. However, you must edit the necessary records via your control panel. Tip: Make sure you also check out the professional hosting packages provided by Register.

Register does not charge you any additional costs for transferring your domain name. But it is possible that your current registrar will charge you for this. We therefore recommend you to check this in advance with your registrar.

If you have come to a prior agreement with the current owner of that particular domain, you can indeed transfer the domain to Register and register it in your name. Follow these steps:

  1. Contact the current owner. You can find his details in the WHOIS database (see: How do I find the owner of a domain name?)
  2. Try to come to an agreement, possibly with a financial compensation.
  3. Ask the owner to request a transfer code from the company where the domain name is registered.
  4. Now follow the same steps you must follow with a normal transfer: check the availability of the domain name in the field at the top of this page. When you receive a notification that the domain is already taken, click on Transfer. Follow the further instructions.

The details of the domain owner can be found via the WHOIS database. For privacy reasons, certain details are not shown publicly. This depends on the company where the domain name is registered (the registrar). With a company, for example, you will see the name and address, but not the e-mail address. And with a private person, all details are often hidden.
To allow you to contact the domain owner via e-mail, registrars or WHOIS services often offer an alternative, such as an online contact form.

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