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The ideal professional mailbox for both you and your company

  • More than just a mailbox
    Professional agendas (sharing), task lists, managing contacts, booking meeting rooms
  • Synchronised across all your devices
    Thanks to direct push, all your devices will show you exactly the same e-mails at any time.
  • E-mail address with your domain name
    Enhance the professional image of your business using an e-mail address based on your own domain name. Stop using addresses like!
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Why choose Register Exchange hosting?

This way, you have everything you need to send and receive e-mails in a professional manner

Much more than just e-mail

You draw up your agenda and share it with colleagues. You create to-do lists and manage your contacts. All changes are always instantly synchronised across all devices.

Your e-mails are perfectly synchronised

Whether you read an e-mail on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, your e-mail is always synchronised across all your devices. A read mail on one device is also marked as “read” on the others.

Instant notifications via direct push

A notification is immediately sent to your smartphone with every new e-mail you receive

Works with any e-mail client

You can work using your favourite e-mail client - our Exchange mailbox works perfectly with the most common e-mail clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.
If you choose the Exchange Business option, you will even get a license to install Outlook on your computer.

Your e-mails are always backed up

Are you experiencing any issues with your own e-mail client? Or have you accidentally deleted an important message? No problem: thanks to our daily backups and e-mail restore feature, you can retrieve all your e-mails.

Mailbox without spam or viruses

Our spam filters put junk e-mails in the spam box. And viruses are blocked by our antivirus software. This way, your mailbox remains clear and secure. And you can focus on the e-mails that really matter.

Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting

Check your e-mails online using the Outlook webmail.

If you go for Exchange Business, you will also receive a license to install Outlook on your computer.

Exchange mailbox features

Get the most out of your mailbox

Professional e-mail addresses - as many aliases as you like

Create your own e-mail addresses for yourself and your colleagues, based on your domain name. Now, that is really professional!
Create aliases like, - even if you have a one-man business.

Sending and receiving e-mails using any device with your favourite e-mail client

Our Exchange mailboxes are compatible with the most common e-mail clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. And if you do not have access to your own computer while you are on the move, you can manage your e-mail online, in your browser, thanks to our webmail.
Your e-mails are always synchronised across all your devices (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.). Thanks to IMAP technology, an e-mail that you read or mark as important on one device will also be marked as important on all other devices.
Moreover, thanks to direct push, you immediately receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as a new e-mail arrives.

No spam or viruses

You can rest easy: your Exchange mailbox is protected against viruses and malware thanks to our built-in antivirus software. And our spam filter sends junk mail straight to the spam box. This way, your Exchange mailbox remains clean and uncluttered, which allows you to fully focus on the e-mails that really matter.

Have you deleted an important mail? No problem!

Every day, we back up your entire Exchange mailbox. So, any important e-mail you may have accidentally deleted can still be retrieved and restored.

Most companies go for Exchange mailboxes

It is no coincidence that Exchange is so popular among companies. After all, it offers the most complete list of features that large and small companies need to communicate on a daily basis. You can e.g.:

  • sending e-mails with large attachments
  • creating and sharing to-do lists
  • managing agendas and sharing them with your colleagues
  • setting up an out-of-office message when you are away

Privacy guaranteed

Free e-mail providers often read your messages in order to place ads in them. With your Exchange mailbox, your privacy is guaranteed: no more spying.
Moreover, your mailbox is hosted in the best data centres in Belgium and the Netherlands, which offer the highest level of security.
The quality and security we provide are guaranteed by our ISO 9001 and 270001 certifications.

What is the difference between an Exchange mailbox and a Basic mailbox?

If you work with Basic e-mail using the IMAP mail protocol, your e-mails will always be synchronised across all your devices, just like with an Exchange mailbox.
But Exchange Mail will also synchronise your agenda, contacts and tasks.
And thanks to Direct Push, Exchange mail will also notify you when a new e-mail arrives.

Transferring your current agenda and contacts

It is perfectly possible to import your current mailbox into our Exchange mailbox environment. You can also import your agenda and contacts. Quite handy, right?

+850 new domain name extensions available


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