How to configure my Basic mailbox in Incredimail?

To configure your email with Incredimail, follow the steps below.

  1. Now configure Incredimail like so:
    1. Open Incredimail.
    2. Get to the account setup window.
      1. If you are using Incredimail for the first time, click on “@ Set Up Your Email Account” to your left.
      2. If not, follow “Tools” > “Email accounts” > “Add”.Tools
        Mail Accounts
    3. In the first page of the Account Wizard click on “Other”.Account Wizard >> Other
    4. To Connect To Your Account:
      1. Copy your full email address like so:
      2. Fill in your password.Connect to your account
      3. Click on “Next”.
    5. On the next page, choose between the “IMAP” or “POP” protocol and copy the incoming server name, the outgoing server name and their ports from your control panel.Click on “Next”.
      1.; SSL port: 995)
      2. 143; SSL port: 993)
      3. 2525; SSL port: 465)

      Connect to your account

    6. Click on “OK”. If Incredimail suggest you add another account “Cancel”.Account settings
      Successfully created a new account
Updated on 7 September 2020

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