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What is a domain name owner, registrant and registrar

As the owner of a domain name you have the rights to use that domain name. You can then use the domain name as the address for your website and create e-mail addresses with it.

The owner is often also called the registrant or license holder because you can never really own a domain name: you only reserve it for a certain amount of time.

As a registrant you are free to register your domain name with any registrar, a domain name provider such as Register.be.

What services does a registrar provide?

  • The registrar determines the price for registering, renewing, transferring and recovering (renewal after expiry) of your domain names.
  • The DNS settings and (owner’s) details of the domain name. Often the registrar will offer a control panel where the user can directly change these settings.
  • Register.be also offers extras such as support, a free mailbox, free web forwarding, mail forwarding … Things you have to pay for with other providers.

Why should I transfer my domain to Register.be?

  • Better support, more (free) extras, a better price …
  • Transfer all your domain names to the same registrar to make managing them more simple.
  • Transfer your domain name and hosting under the same provider and setting them up to work with each other will be easier and you will get better support.

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Updated on 27 February 2020

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